Thank you for your interest in giving your most valuable resource... time!
New Hope has 3 levels of volunteering and we are always looking for caring volunteers.
The first area is group projects

Volunteer work day

Some group projects are as follows:
  • cleaning and organizing inside the shelter (including the basement)
  • sign up as a work day volunteer
  • help with our garden (spring or winter preparation)
  • clearing and cleaning our property grounds
  • helping with fund raising events (set up and/or tear down)

The second level is an activity based

Volunteers create salads from our community garden
Some activity based projects:
  • educational, inspirational, informational speakers to educate residents on a specific topic
  • sponsoring a child birthday party
  • preparing a meal with the residents
  • creating recycled decorative artwork with families

The third area is "dedicated volunteer staff."

Volunteer Training

Dedicated volunteers are community members who become members of the New Hope Team. These team members apply for volunteer jobs covering a weekly 4 hour shift as a site supervisor. These dedicated volunteers attend bi-weekly staff meetings and actively participate in shelter operations. New Hope is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Without our volunteer staff New Hope could not stay open. It’s that simple.

We would close without volunteer help and financial donations.

Volunteers are the best means to reduce operating cost. An average Saturday cost New Hope approximately $200 just to pay staff. This doesn’t include utilities and other daily costs. Volunteering a 4 hour shift is equivalent to donating $34 each week. Over 6 months is grows to around $880. Over the course of a year this is nearly $1800!

The best gift you can give our residents is the donation of your time.

Because this level of volunteering works directly with our residents we are selective. We require an interview, training, background check and a commitment. These committed volunteers arrive in a timely manner, fulfill the shift they commit to (giving 2 weeks’ notice if they cannot), complete a log entry of their shift, and participate with residents in activities. It is so important for our children to see the same faces to build trust and confidence. These positions are considered a volunteer job and only dedicated and trustworthy volunteers are selected to fill these positions.  If you are interested in a position as volunteer staff please forward a copy of your resume and plan for a 3 hour training session with the director.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities I would love to discuss project dates or upcoming educational speaker opportunities. If you are looking for a bigger investment I would Love to meet with you during an interview to consider you for a position as a member of the New Hope volunteer team.

Additional information about our programs and volunteer opportunities:

Site Supervisors:
New Hope depends on volunteers to serve as site supervisors, helping to oversee shelter operations and supporting our residents. We ask individuals to commit to one 4-hour shift per week, attend a training, and initially to work with a more experienced volunteer or staff member. Volunteering as a site supervisor is a wonderful way to learn more about issues related to poverty and homelessness in Monroe County and to gain a better understanding of the range of services that New Hope provides for clients.
Children's Programming with Emily Pike: Our case manager and director at New Hope works with residents to assess their needs and locate community resources to meet these needs both during and after their time at the shelter. One of the most common requests from parents at the shelter is for assistance with childcare. Although there are some resources in our community for daycare vouchers and childcare programs, these are often not enough to meet our families’ needs. As a result, our Children's Program Director, Emily Pike along with volunteers lend a hand with watching residents’ children in order to allow the parents to attend appointments, apply for jobs, and work.
We ask individuals interested in this role to commit to at least one 2–4 hour shift per week, attend a training, and regularly check in with our staff to stay up to date on residents and shelter policies.
Tutoring: Each child receives a minimum of 4 hours of tutoring each week through our Tutoring Program, which is lead by Emily Pike and funded by grants through Monroe County Community School Corporation. If you are interested in interviewing for a volunteer position during the school year please contact Emily Pike at emily@nhfsinc.org
Fundraising: New Hope is always in need of individuals and groups to assist with fundraising efforts. In the past we have fundraised through grant writing, special events (e.g. 5K, dinners, etc.), and direct mailing campaigns. If you are a member of a group that has a philanthropic branch or initiative, this could be the perfect way for you to help New Hope!
Work Days: New Hope frequently plans for and schedules work days to tackle larger projects and take care of a variety of smaller projects around the shelter. In the past work days have involved such projects as: building a bike shed, prepping the garden, and deep cleaning the shelter. In the spring of 2013, we will need help with constructing a playground set, deep cleaning the shelter, and planting the garden.
If you or a group you are involved with are interested in volunteering at New Hope in one or more of the above capacities, please contact newhope@nhfsinc.org.