How You Can Help

Four ways you can help meet the mission of New Hope Family Shelter:

Donate Money. New Hope needs money to cover our operating expenses. With our overhead low, you can feel confident that the money you donate will go directly to helping families regain self-sufficiency. You can donate online by clicking on the JUST GIVE link, or you can mail a check to New Hope at PO Box 154 Bloomington, IN 47402. All donations are tax deductible. Click here to learn more about giving to New Hope.

Volunteer. New Hope needs a variety of volunteers - some for short-term projects and others for long-term needs. We need community members to serve as site supervisors at the shelter house. Shifts are generally 4 hours and we ask that people commit to a weekly shift. Shift sharing with a friend or group is a great way to share the responsibility of covering a regular shift among a small group of people. We are also looking for volunteers to assist with our evening classes and to provide childcare for our young residents. Click here for more information about volunteer opportunities and to learn how you can become a volunteer at New Hope.

In-kind Contributions. Paper products, soap, laundry detergent, fresh towels, pillows, sheets – imagine having a house full of guests and then you can start to imagine how fast we use basic supplies at New Hope. Another highly sought after item is gift cards - these are great for helping families on birthdays, when they move into their own apartment, when they get a job - basically all the times when we wish we had an extra twenty dollars so we can get done what needs to get done. Click here for a complete list of current needs.

Advocate. Homelessness and poverty in Monroe County is everybody's problem. Get involved: give your time by volunteering, donate supplies, contribute money, and advocate for homeless people and families living in poverty. Educate others about poverty issues, participate in discussions on this website, and pressure elected officials to do the right thing. New Hope is part of a solution to the problem of poverty in Monroe County, but to solve this problem, we need leadership from local and state officials. Click here to learn more about how you can help work on poverty issues in Monroe County.